Chapter 9: Economy Element Summary

Economics Icon.This Comprehensive Plan element addresses public facilities and services within the context of special service districts and urban services in Beaverton.
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Beaverton Bakery storefront and cake center on a sunny day.
Customers strolling between rows of pavilions at Beaverton Farmers Market on a sunny day.

The city’s goals for economy include:

  • To foster entrepreneurial networks that promote innovative and healthy businesses in Beaverton.
  • To capture the opportunities of the knowledge-based economy by having a skilled workforce and strong connection between business and education.
  • To support business development through an effective transportation system, targeted land (re)development, and adequate infrastructure.
  • To enable businesses to easily start or expand their enterprise.
  • To support a high quality of life for all of Beaverton’s citizens.
  • To promote active partnerships between business and the community.

The Economy chapter is currently being reviewed as part of the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

The reports, plans and maps provided below are related to the City’s policies on economic development.

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