Commercial Corridors Assessment

Commercial Corridors map with a more detailed description under the Commercial Corridors Assessment heading.The Commercial Corridors Assessment (CCA) is an inventory and assessment of the commercial land uses that can be found along Beaverton’s network of arterial streets. The study provides a snapshot of 23 commercial segments throughout the city. The segments are shown in Map 1. It focuses on activity that can be found along the key “arterial” streets that serve neighborhoods throughout the city. These streets serve many functions and support a broad array of land uses, ranging from residential to commercial to industrial activities. Many of these streets function as commercial corridors, providing a marketplace of goods and services that serve users ranging from the local neighborhoods to regional populations. The number and type of streets that support this activity is broad.

For general demographic information pertaining to the city, visit the Equity Atlas. For information on tax lots, zoning, and service districts, visit Metro Map. Fliers pertaining to each commercial corridor.

Map 1: Beaverton Commercial Corridors

The City of Beaverton Commercial Corridors Assessment (CCA) Project work plan consists of three phases spread out over the course of two years for the first group of corridors (subject to change). A timeline of phasing and associated tasks is located in the table below.

Commercial Corridors Assessment Work Plan

Phase 1: Existing Conditions

Task 1: Data Gathering (Group 1)
Q3 2014

Task 2: Existing Plan & Policy Review (Group 1)
Q3 2014
Q4 2014

Task 3: Existing Conditions (Group 1)

Q4 2014
Q1 2015

Task 4: SWOT Analysis (Group 1)

Q2 2015

Phase 2 - Analysis

Task 5: Workshop 1 (Group 1)

Q3 2015

Task 6: Market Analysis (Group 1)

Q4 2015
Q1 2016

Task 7: Transportation Analysis (Group 1)

Q1 2016

Task 8: Urban Design Analysis (Group 1)

Q1 2016
Q2 2016

Task 9: Workshop 2 (Group 1)

Q2 2016

Phase 3: Implementation

Task 10: Implementation Strategy (Group 1)

Q2 2016
Q3 2016

Commercial Corridor Plans

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