Youth Programs


Do you remember your first job? Today teenagers have minimal opportunities to earn a paycheck. Over the past 10 years, summer youth employment has dropped from 55% to 28%. And for children of color that number drops to under 10%. 

Each summer Worksystems, Inc. operates SummerWorks, a paid youth internship program, to expose young people to the world of work. Hosting a summer intern is an excellent way to get extra projects done, expose your future workforce to your industry, and develop leadership skills in current employees. 

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Business Education Compact (BEC)

The BEC is leading a statewide initiative to transform K-12 education in Oregon and dramatically improve student achievement outcomes through Proficiency-Based Teaching and Learning (PBTL). Since 2005, nearly 1,800 teachers have participated, impacting more than 50,000 Oregon students. 

Year-round, in-depth internships create a practical connection between classroom and workplace, amplifying the impact of academic learning with experiential learning. High school students “sample” potential career fields while gaining a deeper understanding of how classroom learning is relevant to their future, and college students meet their learning objectives with practical experience and advanced training in their field of study. 

BEC handles everything — from recruiting to matching, interview scheduling, new hire orientation, progress monitoring, etc. Over 3,000 students have been placed in full-service internships. 

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Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA)

YEA was designed to inspire 8th to 12th grade students in Beaverton to become successful contributors to the local community and economy, by bringing their innovative business ideas to life! Students attend an after-school class once a week. Over the course of a year. 

YEA students hear guest speakers, attend seminars, and tour real businesses to learn the skills and knowledge necessary to operate a fully fledged business! Investors and business mentors work to support young entrepreneurs in their quest to create and run their business successfully. YEA provides students with an opportunity to gain professional experience unattainable in a classroom, and benefits the community by allowing established businesses to collaborate in support of a growing economy in Beaverton. 

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Young Entrepreneurs Business Week (YEBW)

The mission of YEBW is to build the next generation of business leaders. Their one-of-a-kind business and leadership programs aid in strengthening the future of Oregon and its high school student participants by producing week-long, hands-on learning experiences at the University of Oregon (UO) University of Portland (UP) and Oregon State University (OSU) campuses. 

YEBW was created because of increasing concern that Oregon's youth of all educational and economic backgrounds were coming out of high school with no practical business knowledge, thus hindering their ability to innovate, create, and produce the kinds of goods and services key to every community's growth and success. 

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