There are many ways to help Art thrive within our community.

10 Reasons to Give

  1. The arts enhance our quality of life, deepen our culture and help strengthen our unity as a community.
  2. The arts are important because of the joy and beauty they bring to our lives.
  3. The arts entertain, inspire and refresh us.
  4. The arts create students who are higher achievers than those who rarely experience the arts.
  5. The arts serve as a tool for people to join forces in building better, stronger communities.
  6. The arts help us appreciate our individual heritage and rejoice in our diversity.
  7. The arts are invaluable in helping to attract and retain businesses.
  8. The arts have proven to be magnets for visitors from outside as well as inside Beaverton.
  9. The arts provide opportunities for expanded creativity and “outside-the-box” thinking.
  10. I’ve been blessed and giving to the arts is a great way to give back to my community so that everyone may enjoy art, music, dance and theatre.

Ways to support the Arts in Beaverton