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Making a Difference for Art

We build talent, skill and technical know-how. These generous organizations offer resources for education, funding and industry. Join us in the effort to make a statement—emphasizing the importance and wonder of art.

These partnerships strengthen the Commission’s leadership and advocacy for community Arts. Call today to discover ways to partner with us, sponsor and volunteer to support Arts in our community.

Arts and Culture Showcase - Washington County, Oregon

"Art, culture, innovation and economic development don’t happen accidentally. They have to be nurtured, using creativity, talent, ambition and opportunity – qualities that live in every Oregon community."
—Christine D’Arcy, Executive Director, Oregon Arts Commission 

Beaverton City Library

The library houses Visual Chronicles, provides auditorium for theatre, showcases artists visual arts and provides outdoor space for live performances.
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Revolving Art Displays at Beaverton City Library - Guidelines
Entrance to Beaverton City Library on a cloudy day.

Americans for the Arts

Americans for the Arts is the nation’s leading nonprofit organization for advancing the arts in America and dedicated to representing and serving local communities and creating opportunities for every American to participate in and appreciate all forms of the arts.
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Beaverton Arts and Culture Foundation

Incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the Beaverton Arts and Culture Foundation seeks the support of the Beaverton community, via businesses and individuals, to assist in funding new and ongoing arts and cultural programs alongside the Arts Commission and other arts and culture focused programs in Beaverton.
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Beaverton Community Vision

Beaverton Community Vision is an award-winning citywide project to determine what kind of community we want to be in the future. Thousands of citizens shared their ideas for Beaverton. What would you do to make Beaverton better?
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Cultural Coalition of Washington County

The Cultural Coalition of Washington County (CCWC) shall serve as an advisory body to the Board of County Commissioners to promote the cultural identity, quality of life and economic vitality of Washington County and its arts, heritage and humanities organizations.
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Oregon Arts Commission

The Oregon Arts Commission (OAC) was established in 1967 to foster the Arts in Oregon and ensure their excellence. Provides grants, local and national updates, and information on the Arts.
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Oregon College of Art and Craft - Community Programs

In addition to their Bachelor of Fine Arts and collaborative Masters program with Pacific Northwest College of Art, OCAC offers Adult and Youth programming, Artist-in-Residence opportunities and various lectures and workshops. Add the peace and tranquility of the natural setting, and creativity knows no limits.
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Portland Community College - Degrees in Art

The Art program provides quality education in an atmosphere that encourages the full realization of each individual's artistic potential. Studio and Art History classes play a vital role in a general liberal arts education as well as train students to become working artists. Many PCC alumni have pursued careers related to the visual arts; many former students have had exhibitions of their work, received awards and are represented by galleries.
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Portland Community College - Project YOU Community Classes

PCC’s Creative Arts classes are one of the Project YOU programs. They have talented instructors with extensive background and history, ready to share with you for a jumpstart into fine arts and crafts or practical home projects.
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Regional Arts & Culture Council

Through vision, leadership, and service, the Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC) works to integrate arts and culture in all aspects of community life. Provides call for artists, job postings, resumé postings, event postings, art services by local businesses, fabricators. Information on public art in the region. Advocacy articles, education, Right Brain Initiative, youth opportunities, events, classes. Community Development information, rental workspace and housing.
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Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District

Connecting people, parks and nature. THPRD offers art, theatre and music classes or workshops for all ages. Founded in 1955 by Elsie Stuhr and other visionary citizens, they foresaw that the Beaverton area would grow and benefit from park and recreation services for children, adults and families.
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Village Gallery of Arts

Founded in 1963 by a group of 10 artists for the purpose of a working, teaching gallery and place for exhibition and instruction. Today, they are home to many Oregon artists. Several of the artists have been with the gallery for many years. New members are always welcome. They enjoy a diverse group of artists and artisans, who create fine works of art in virtually every medium.
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Westside Cultural Alliance

The Westside Cultural Alliance is a coalition of representatives from arts, cultural, educational, government and business organizations who seek to nurture and promote Arts, Heritage, and Humanities in Washington County, Oregon. Provides free listings in web art directories, calendar of events, workshops and work space and more.
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