Public Art

What is Public Art?

Public art is visually or experientially meaningful artwork that is accessible to the public. Public art refers to original works of art in any artistic medium, permanent or temporary, a single event or piece, a series of installations or events, or part of an ongoing process enhanced over time. Public art in Beaverton can be as grand as the interior front wall of the Beaverton Library or as simple as artist-designed medallions marking historic properties.

Public art enhances the experience of people in public spaces, inspiring pride of place and contributing to the deeper understanding of that place, its people and history. Public art is a powerful tool in urban place-making – creating lasting connections between people and memorable public places.

Public Art Master Plan

Update to Public Art Master Plan

Beaverton Public Art opportunities:


The Public Art Project in Beaverton creates meaningful public places and enhanced civic identity through significant works of art that embrace Beaverton's diverse traditions and history.

Ceramic Wall at the Beaverton City Library by Jun Kaneko.

Accessibility information: This information can be made available in alternative formats such as large print or audio tape. To request alternative formats, contact the Arts Program by calling 503-526-2471 or email Use 711 for relay service.