Process for Report Development

Consultants Bill Flood and Valerie Otani prepared this update with:

Review of 2009 Public Art Master Plan

  • Confirming with staff and Arts Program/BAC Board of Directors that the overarching values of the plan continued to be valid
  • Analyzing accomplishments in the context of program goals

Review of current City policy and Community Development Department plans

Site visit of key areas of growth and development in Beaverton, with strong emphasis on downtown cores (Library/City Park to Westgate/Creekside)

Consultations with:

  • Staff of City Arts, Culture and Events
  • Beaverton Arts Commission and Beaverton Arts & Culture Foundation
  • Downtown merchants
  • City Community Development Department staff, including Planning, Economic Development and project management staff

Project consultation for artwork in the entry of City Hall with the Neighborhood Program

Coordination with ethnic outreach project for proposed arts and culture center

Public Art Master Plan Document