Beaverton Imagery

Chronicle of Beaverton History

The collection includes works of art by local artists, which document the life of the Beaverton community past or present.

Black and white painting of tree lined path.
Full color painting of historic downtown Beaverton.
Valley Catholic School with chapel.
Watercolor of historical Carr Chevrolet auto dealership.
Watercolor of workers building Westside Max Transit line.
Watercolor of business complex near waterfront.
Photograph of people hanging out at the park.
Watercolor of mature gentleman playing the fiddle at a local fair.
Watercolor of St Cecilia's Catholic Church.
Watercolor of homestead at SW 7th and Angel Streets.
Historic watercolor of Beaverton Bakery.
Historic watercolor of Dairy Queen.

Learn more about Beaverton's history through our friends at the Beaverton Historical Society.