Bridge Meadows

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Bridge Meadows Background

The City of Beaverton is committed to supporting affordable housing throughout the city and is proud to welcome Bridge Meadows to Beaverton.

Bridge Meadows is a nationally-known local non-profit specializing in inter-generational housing. Their model blends seniors and foster families in the process of permanent adoption into one location. 

In 2015, Bridge Meadows purchased a surface parking lot at Allen Blvd. and Menlo Dr. for the purpose of developing their second community in Oregon. Bridge Meadows Beaverton has been welcoming new residents home since Fall 2017. Visit Beaverton Bridge Meadows Website for more information.

The city’s Development Division worked on this project because:

  1. It has brought more affordable senior housing to Beaverton.
  2. It meets the Beaverton Community Vision goal of connecting seniors and youth in the city.
  3. The project furthers the City’s efforts to support the Allen Blvd. Corridor Project study which identified this property as a prime redevelopment site.
  4. The site is an ideal location for this intergenerational concept which strives to connect seniors and foster families to vital infrastructure such as schools, parks, community gathering spots, accessible retail stores, and public transportation.

Supports Local Seniors 

  • It is estimated that 13.3 percent of Beaverton’s population is living in poverty. In addition, 9.4 percent of Beaverton seniors over the age of 65 are living in poverty.
  • About 20 percent of households with one or more persons over 60 receive food stamps.
  • Sixty percent of rental households with seniors over 60 in residence live in housing that is unaffordable (defined as requiring more than 35 percent of their gross income on rent).

Source: These numbers were derived from the 2009-2013 5-year and 2013 1-year ACS.

Project Details

  • Mixed-income senior and foster family housing
  • 2.16 Acres
  • 37 Units
  • Two-story construction
  • Community Room
  • On-site Parking
  • Nationally recognized nonprofit developer