Beaverton Night Market

2020 Season

The city is now seeking food, craft and merchandise vendors from around the world for the sixth annual Beaverton Night Markets. If you’re an aspiring vendor or small business that wants to share culture through what you sell, apply now!

Vendor applications open until May 15, 2020:

Vendor Application / Solicitud del Vendedor

Downloadable version / versión para bajar:
Vendor Application | Solicitud del Vendedor

Other helpful information:

Example Answers | Ejemplos de Respuestas
Participant Requirements | Requisitos de los Participantes
FAQ’s | Preguntas Frecuentes

Very focused young girl leans over plate of soapy water to wet a wand to make giant bubbles.
Photos by Diego G. Diaz


The Beaverton Night Market is a project of the city’s Diversity Advisory Board, which has a primary role in planning and hosting the market each year. The concept is an original action item from the “Economic Opportunity” section of the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Plan and has since been adopted into the Beaverton Community Vision as well. The first Beaverton Night Market debuted in Sept 2015 as a part of the city’s Welcoming Week and later grew to two larger summer events, attracting around 14,000 people each year.


The Beaverton Night Market exists to create a vibrant, intercultural, family-friendly space that is reminiscent of night markets internationally. The Market offers a culturally-relevant evening activity and gathering space with ethnic food and crafts for families of all backgrounds in Beaverton.


  1. Foster a space for cross-cultural exchange and interaction by community members.
  2. Create a space for emerging ethnic food/craft vendors to showcase their work and share their traditions.
  3. Promote economic opportunity for culturally-specific businesses in Beaverton.
  4. Offer a fun, family-friendly, cultural activity locally.


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For more information about the Beaverton Night Market, email or call 503-526-2503.

Vendors and Performers