CIP 6006 - Erickson Trunk Upsizing

Erickson Trunk Upsizing (6th Street - 10th Street), R110

Project Description: 

The project consists of replacing 2,015 feet of 15-inch pipe with 18-inch pipe. Alternative alignments will be investigated during preliminary design. Although alternate alignments will require significant reconstruction of service lines, it would remove the trunk from the creek area and improve maintenance access. 

Project Manager:

L. Alan Johansson, 503-526-2792 

Project Status:

  • FY17-18: Select a consultant to provide an in-depth analysis of the sewer flow conditions. Continue with the final design for the new sewer line. 
  • FY18-19: Construct the new Erickson Trunk sewer line. 

Substantial Completion Date: September 30, 2018 

CIP 6006 Description

GoogleEarth map of SW Erickson between 5th and 10th streets.