City Incentives

The City of Beaverton offers three incentive programs for the development and business assistance in central Beaverton. For the full list of local incentives offered, please visit the Incentives webpage.

Pre-Development Grant Program 

Grant funds for pre-development assistance are available throughout the Central Beaverton Urban Renewal District to property owners, developers, and large employers with site control. For more information, please visit the Incentives webpage or contact Janiene Lambert, Senior Development Project Manager at 503-526-2545.

Storefront Improvement

Program Business and property owners located in Beaverton’s Downtown or Allen Blvd Program Areas are eligible for grants towards exterior improvements such as new windows, doors, awnings, signage, paint, and so on. Grants are also available for design services to determine scope of exterior improvement projects. For more information, view the Storefront Improvement Flyer, Design Application or Improvement Application, or contact Megan Braunsten or 503-526-2419.

Información en español sobre el programa de mejoras a la fachada de las tiendas

Tenant Improvement Program

New and existing restaurant owners located in the Downtown Program Area are invited to apply for a grant program aimed at interior improvements to food and beverage service businesses that increase foot traffic and vitality of Beaverton’s downtown. For more information, view the Tenant Improvement Flyer, Application, or contact Megan Braunsten or 503-526-2419. 

Información en español sobre el programa de mejoras para inquilinos.

Man and woman reviewing blueprints at construction site.
Beaverton Bakery after Storefront Improvement
Big O's Tenant Improvement After