Housing Services

Housing Technical Advisory Group (HTAG)

Housing issues are complex and part of an interconnected land use, real estate, and economic systems. Group is made up of those who:

  • Work in the Housing industry
  • Live in or need affordable housing
  • Belong to a community of color or marginalized group
  • Affordable Housing Advocate

The HTAG will provide the Mayor and staff input on proposed housing related policies, programs and activities. Equity, inclusion and community engagement guiding principles will inform the HTAG’s work. The HTAG will serve as an ambassador for housing in the community and assist staff in ensuring technical information is distributed in a way that is easily understood. Complete the online application to apply. Recruitment is currently complete, but applications will be reviewed if there is a mid-term vacancy.

Direct questions about the group to Emily Van Vleet at 503-526-3739 or evanvleet@BeavertonOregon.gov

Beaverton Local Implementation Strategy

The Metro Affordable Housing Bond requires each jurisdiction receiving funds to provide a Local Implementation Strategy (LIS). The above link shows the City of Beaverton LIS draft that was approved by Metro and the Beaverton City Council.

Community Conversation: Affordable Housing and Metro Regional Bond


Involvement Opportunities

Housing Implementation

Beaverton is one of the region’s fastest growing communities. It is also one of the most diverse communities in the Portland metropolitan region. The City of Beaverton is committed to ensuring all of its residents have appropriate housing. It has therefore created an inter-department team to create a Housing Implementation Strategy. The team has created a plan with details on how the city intends to achieve its housing goals which include downtown revitalization, housing affordability trends, and homelessness.

Housing Action Plan cover