Accident Awareness

Accidents are a leading cause of injuries in our homes. Prevent accidents by being aware of your surroundings and incorporating simple prevention measures. 

  • Hold handrails when using stairs. If the outside of your home is not well lit, paint the edges of steps white to that they are easier to see in the dark. 
  • Never place electric appliances where they can fall in water, and never touch an electric appliance while standing in water. 
  • Be aware of tripping hazards and rearrange household items that may pose a hazard, including rugs, furniture and storage items. 
  • Immediately wipe up liquid spills in your kitchen, bathroom and other floors to avoid slips. 
  • Elderly people and children are often at risk of burns from hot water. Set your hot-water heater below 120 degrees F to avoid burns. 
  • Use step stools with a hand-rail to hold. Always make sure the step stool is fully open and steady before climbing it. Never remove the guards on power tools. 

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