Stay Safe at Work

A safe work environment can prevent accidents and injuries, and just makes sense. Incorporate these tips to help you stay safe at work. 

  • Get training and learn how to identify hazards, manage risks and do your job safely before you begin. Make sure you always follow established safety rules and procedures. 
  • Maintain a clean and organized work area, and design work spaces with safety in mind. How equipment is positioned and where materials are placed is important. 
  • Notify your supervisor or management immediately if you recognize an unsafe or dangerous situation. 
  • Learn what to do and where to get help in an emergency. 
  • Remember everyday safety. The most frequent safety concerns are typically smaller but more likely to occur. Strained backs from poor-lifting techniques, cuts from exposed edges and tripping hazards contribute to work-place injuries. 
  • Revisit safety guidelines each year to stay make sure staff and work environments stay safe. 

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