CIP 3106A - Menlo Dr Sidewalk

Menlo Drive Sidewalk / Storm Drainage / Water Quality Improvements

Project Description: 

Design and construct a curb and sidewalk project the location of which is to be determined. The project also includes storm drainage and associated water quality improvements. The replacement of the existing street lighting system may be included. The undergrounding of overhead utilities is not included. Public and private utilities may also be affected. The cost per foot for a 5-foot wide separated from the curb by a 5-foot wide water quality swale is $370 which includes design and construction. The current total estimated cost is for 3,600 feet of sidewalk (one side of the street only). Right of Way acquisition will most likely be required and is included in the current estimated cost. An updated cost estimate for the project to include right of way will be determined as part of the design phase. 

Project Manager: 

Luke Pelz, 503-526-2466 | Jim Brink, 503-526-2450 

Project Status: 

Project Status Update Information Sheet 

  • FY15-16: 4-21-16: Discussed selection criteria and schedule for FY16-17 with CIP Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC). The CAC narrowed their recommendation to 1) 141st Ave (Allen Blvd to Berthold St and Berthold St to 142nd Ave) 2) Menlo Dr (Allen Blvd to Berthold St and Berthold St to Fairmount Dr), and 3) Nora Rd (Powerline Trail to 15865 Nora Rd). 5-9-16: CAC selected Menlo Dr (Allen Blvd to Berthold St and Berthold St to Fairmount Dr) as their top priority. 6-21-16: Council approved the entire length of Menlo Dr from Allen Blvd to Fairmount Dr. 
  • FY16-17: Select consultant and begin design. 

Substantial Completion Date: October 30, 2018 

Man walking along roadway with no sidewalk and car backing out of driveway.