Public Safety Center Plaza Naming

Rendering of plaza and sculpture located at the Public Safety Center.

New Public Plaza Name Selected: Unity Square


The city completed construction on the new Public Safety Center building in 2020, located at the corner of Hall Blvd. and Allen Blvd., which included the creation of a new public plaza. The city is seeking to engage in a more intentional process of naming public spaces and would like active community participation to meet that end. The city invited community members to submit their ideas to be considered in naming this new public space.

The outdoor plaza also features three illuminated stainless-steel sculptures in the form of abstract Beaverton Police badges created by artist Blessing Hancock. The work, titled “Insignia,” represents the motto of the Beaverton Police Department: Courage, Compassion and Integrity. The sculptures are illuminated by LED lights that can change colors and include many words that reflect the BPD’s motto collected from the community in 2019.


A committee of representatives from the Diversity Advisory Board, Beaverton Arts Commission, and CentralHighland, and Vose Neighborhood Association Committees (NACs) reviewed the public submissions and made a selection of three names for City Council consideration. A special thank you to these volunteers for their time and work dedicated towards this project. City Council selected Unity Square for the new name at their July 13, 2021 meeting.


Any suggestions from the community were welcomed and encouraged during the submission campaign. There were three categories to choose from—Beaverton resident (deceased or living); tribal name to honor the indigenous lands on which the building rests; or general suggestion. We received 160 submissions. Thank you to everyone who submitted their ideas!

Note: processes are currently underway to advance priority area CB3 (Acknowledgement of diversity in public spaces) in the city’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan. As part of this effort, the city is actively involved in the research and development of a new historical narrative for Beaverton that highlights the contributions of native peoples, communities of color, immigrants and refugees. Names generated from this research will be considered in addition to all other suggestions.


The city will be hosting an in person unveiling event this September to celebrate the name selection and art installation. As always, your safety is our top priority as we continue to plan for this event. Please check back for updates.


If you have any questions, please contact Franziska Rose, Public Involvement Coordinator, at or 503-526-2543.