Annual Priorities

Each year, the Mayor and City Councilors adopt priorities for the upcoming year. The priorities are intended to guide planning and decision-making efforts throughout the year and align with objectives established in our Community Vision Plan.

2017 Top Priorities

Housing icon


  • Continue to pursue affordable housing solutions for seniors and low-income residents.  
  • Implement a rental housing inspection program.
  • Create a rich development tool box for low-income housing.
Transportation icon


  • Complete the City's Active Transportation Plan.
  • Continue funding sidewalk improvement projects.
  • Maintain a focus on pedestrians, including augmented standards for pedestrian-friendly facilities.
Equity icon


  • Continue progress with the city’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan.
  • Expand more events and activities in our neighborhoods.
Safety icon


  • Continue to define our Emergency Master Plan for ongoing disaster preparedness.
  • Examine opportunities to expand to a year-round severe weather shelter.


  • Establish policies for managing city-owned rental properties
  • Bring more redevelopment to our downtown.