Annual Priorities

2020 City Priorities

Each year, the Mayor and City Councilors adopt priorities for the upcoming year. The priorities are intended to guide planning and decision-making efforts throughout the year and align with objectives established in our Community Vision Plan.


Black and white drawing of coronavirus disease

  • Respond to and support recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Climate Action and Resiliency

Black and white drawing of a butterfly hovering above an extended hand.

  • Convert city streetlights to LED.
  • Implement the Climate Action Plan, including the creation of a Climate Action Advisory Committee.
  • Promote emergency preparedness at the neighborhood level.


Black and white drawing of balanced scales of justice.

  • Develop a five-year plan for the municipal court.


Black and white drawing of a house and tree.

  • Continue implementation of the Housing Action Plan.


Black and white drawing of a bridge and two lane road.

  • Complete policy work on water resources for non-potable uses (purple pipe.)
  • Develop a policy for the use and management of city-owned properties.
  • Expand the city’s sidewalk fund to build new sidewalks, fill in connectivity gaps, and keep sidewalks in good repair.


Black and white drawing of the side of a truck.

  • Develop and implement parking, towing, and traffic policies.
  • Develop a concept for local transit.

List of priorities and amended top priorities

Previous Year Priorities