Volunteer Fair

The City of Beaverton is now accepting applications from nonprofit organizations and community groups for the 2019 Beaverton Volunteer Fair.

How to Apply

Volunteer Fair Online Application

Volunteer Fair Application PDF

Three reps from the Sexual Assault Resource Center exhibiting at the Volunteer Fair.

What is the Volunteer Fair?

The Volunteer Fair is a chance to learn how to get involved in your community! The 2018 Beaverton Volunteer Fair hosted more than 40 local non-profit groups and community organizations who provided information on their volunteer opportunities. This annual event is free and open to the public.

Applications for community organizations and non-profits to participate in the Volunteer Fair will open on Monday, March 4, 2019.

Community Vision Action Item

The Beaverton Volunteer Fair was created by the Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce's 2016 Leadership Beaverton class and has been adopted by the City of Beaverton’s Events Program to be an annual event. The mission of this event is to engage a diverse network of citizens and business leaders who are inspired and empowered through education and awareness to take action to improve their communities. 

The Beaverton Volunteer Fair is an action item from the “Build Community” section of the Community Vision Plan.