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We love our food, yet it is the single largest component in our garbage. In the Portland metropolitan region about 20% of the 1.3 million tons of trash generated each year is food and about half of that comes from businesses.  

Free resources and tools are available to help your business reduce food waste, donate edible food and put food scraps to good use making energy. Contact us at 503-526-2460, email, or order online using the buttons on the right to stop food waste now!Image of a purple beet

Food Waste Stops With Me is a collaboration between city and county governments in the Portland area, Metro, Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association, and Oregon's Department of Environmental Quality to help food-service businesses reduce food waste. 

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Compost at Work!

Did you know that each year Beaverton businesses send over 7 million pounds of food waste to the landfill? Compost at Work offers a greener alternative that converts food scraps (vegetables, fruits, meats, bones, dairy products and bread) into valuable energy and compost.
The compost program is a partnership between the garbage hauler, city and business.  City staff supplies your business with free indoor collection containers, posters and training to get you started and ongoing technical assistance. The business collects their food scraps in a new outdoor container for pickup. The hauler empties the container on a weekly basis. It's that easy!

Join the Compost at Work program and do good while supporting your businesses' bottom line!