Past Welcoming Week Projects

A Sample of Previous Welcoming Week Events

Welcoming Beaverton Potluck
Community members came together to host a potluck where immigrants and U.S. born residents shared a meal together to learn about different cuisines around the world and build relationships.

A Taste of Africa: Cook, Spice, and Eat!
Spice of Africa guided participants to explore making and tasting savory dishes, sip tea, and enjoy lively conversations for a journey to East Africa.

Latin America in the Market:A Celebration of Mexico & Central American Independence Day
The Beaverton Farmers Market celebrated Mexico’s Independence day by bringing authentic Jarocho music, crafts, cooking demos and a piñata break. This served as an opportunity for the market to invite neighbors to learn more about Mexican history, heritage and traditions.

Interfaith Riverwalk
The Tualatin River Keepers collaborated with local diverse faith organizations to organize a community walk alongside the Tualatin River. Along the walk were several stations where faith partners displayed the value of water in their faith traditions through performance, dialogue and reflection.

Chichimeca Dance Workshop
Huecha Omeyocan held a workshop for participants to learn about Aztec culture, history, sounds and movements of pre- Hispanic cultures. The workshop included an opportunity to play different instruments and learn traditional Aztec dances.

Islamic Center of Portland Open House
The Islamic Center of Portland collaborated with the Vose Neighborhood Association to host an open house for attendees to learn about Muslim culture, Islam, and the experiences of Muslim communities in Beaverton.

A Night with Somalis
The Somali Empowerment circle hosted a fashion show gathering to illustrate Somali culture, eat traditional food, build community and raise awareness on issues affecting Somali Communities in Beaverton.

Neighbor Fest
The Beaverton 1st United Methodist church brought neighbors together to enjoy a multicultural festival and resource fair to cultivate connections between neighbors of all backgrounds and expose them to important community resources.

Cultural Immersion Concert
PDX Friends of Refugees and Olivenbaum brought community members together to enjoy a concert of traditional Korean and Arabic music, followed by authentic food and music lessons. The Cultural Immersion concert proved that effective cross cultural relationships can be built through music and food.

Cultural Fusion Poetry
Prisma Comm Inc brought in local bilingual poet, Vicky Falcon, to guide members in expressing their personal life experiences in Beaverton. Discussions of migrant challenges and stories produced written dialogue blended from different languages creating poetic cultural fusions.

We Welcome Entrepreneurs Beaverton
During Beaverton Welcoming Week Adlante Mujeres and BESThq partnered together to bring entrepreneurs, focusing on historically underutilized populations, to connect with local resources in order to encourage economic development opportunity.

Learning about Taiwan from the Art of Tea
The Formosa Association of Student Cultural Ambassadors brought participants on a journey through Taiwanese tea history by hosting a tea ceremony. Participants learned to make mashed Hakka tea and tried samples of various traditional bubble tea’s.

Kurdish New Year (Newroz)
Meet your Kurdish neighbors, learn about Kurdish cuisine, and enjoy Kurdish songs and dance!

Eleni's Kitchen
Ethiopian Cooking Class

Beaverton Civic Theatre

Hula Halau ‘Ohana Holo’oko’a
Sharing the Welcoming Culture of Polynesia through Dance

Kurdish Community / Shara Noori
Kurdish Community Gathering

Welcoming Week Meet-up

Peruvian Cultural Festival
Travel to Peru

The Immigrant Story
Dreams Deferred Part 1 | Part 2

Write Around Portland
Writing Across Cultures