Welcoming Week

Beaverton Welcoming Week. Event series celebrating the values that unite us. #BeavertonWelcomes Sept

About Welcoming Week

National Welcoming Week is an annual series of events designed to bring together immigrants, refugees, and U.S.-born residents to raise awareness of the benefits of welcoming everyone. The week’s activities celebrate the contributions of newcomers and provide opportunities to build cross-cultural relationships and understanding. The 2018 Beaverton Welcoming Week was celebrated alongside more than 500 events in communities across the country. Beaverton’s fifth annual celebration will take place from Sept. 13 - 22, 2019 as part of the broader city-wide Welcoming Beaverton initiative.

How to be involved:

About Welcoming Week Mini Grants

The city sponsors mini-grants for small, interactive, community driven projects designed to bring together immigrants and U.S.-born residents to build cross-cultural relationships. Grant awards can range from $250 to $1000 and must be used for activities to take place in Beaverton during the annual Welcoming Week celebration held in September.

Thank you to our partners!

2018 Welcoming Week Partners:

  • THPRD & Conestoga Rec Center
  • Huehca Omeyocan
  • Somali Empowerment Circle
  • BESThq & Adelante Mujeres
  • Beaverton Chamber & PABA
  • The Immigrant Story
  • PDX Friends of Refugees & Olivenbaum
  • First United Methodist Church
  • Mission Nonviolence & Spirit of Grace Church
  • Welcoming Beaverton Potluck Group
  • Beaverton Library

Save the Date for Beaverton Welcoming Week 2019: September 13 - 22!

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