West Sylvan Middle School on a sunny, early autumn day.

Public Schools

Families in Beaverton are served by the Beaverton School District, the third largest district in Oregon.

  • Enrollment: 40,500+ students
  • Schools: 51 (K-12)
  • Student-to-teacher ratio: 21 students per teacher (average)

Private Schools

Distance view of Jesuit High School in early autumn.Families who desire a private school education have numerous options. Oregon’s best private schools are located within minutes of the city, and all of them provide highly rated educational programs. 

Post–Secondary Education

Lifelong learning options are available around, in, and near the city of Beaverton. Just minutes from Beaverton are many high quality undergraduate and graduate opportunities:

Beaverton is also part of the Portland Community College (PCC) district, offering classes on a wide range of diverse subjects and continuing education courses. In addition, PCC actively partners with local businesses on workforce training.

Additionally, the Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District offers adult continuing education classes for continuing education units (CEUs) throughout the year, covering subjects in the arts, sports, and business.