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Regional Workforce

Beaverton is located in the heart of Oregon’s “Silicon Forest”, home to many of the world’s top companies such as Nike, IBM and Tektronix, and now an emerging array of Bio Science firms including, Welch Allyn, Micro Power Electronics, Inovise and Blacktoe Medical.

We have access to the most skilled workforce in the US, with an ability to offer product innovation and design, complex manufacturing and quality control all in one area. As an added bonus, Beaverton’s water, power and infrastructure costs are some of the lowest on the West Coast. We are committed to providing a variety of innovative programs and tools for our business community, such as workforce training funding assistance, site selection, competitive intelligence & market research, planning and permitting assistance, partner connections, industry networking and a nationally recognized business incubator.

Beaverton Workforce

Beaverton's labor force is approximately 42,015 workers. Beaverton and Washington County offer a large number of highly knowledgeable, trained and skilled workers.

Over the past several decades, Beaverton has become a very desirable market for employers seeking skilled labor. In 2009, over 92%* of Beaverton residents above 25 years of age had high school diplomas. In addition, 43%* of this population had a college or advanced degree.

*(Source, ESRI, Census 2010)

Columbia Sportswear property with sign surrounded by water, plants and trees.
Nike Headquarters main entrance with jogger running by.