Native Plant of the Month: Sitka Spruce

Picture of Sitka Spruce.

Common Name: Sitka spruce, coast spruce

Binomial Name: Picea sitchensis

Soil Type: well-drained

Sunlight: Full sun tolerates shade

Form/Growth: straight single trunk

Foliage: Evergreen

Flowering/ Fruiting: No

Stretching from northern California all the way along the pacific coast through Canada. This evergreen tree loves the rocky well drained soils of the coast and higher altitudes. Growing upwards of 180 Ft (55m) high in the right conditions, this is the tallest conifer tree in Canada. The Sitka spruce is very long lived reaching 700 to 800 years old.

In addition to the Sitka spruces beauty it is used as lumber, musical instruments, boxes and even for a time during the Second World War it was used to build aircrafts. The wood is odorless and tasteless >so the material makes a great food container.