FREE Wellness Event Series

Wellness Event Series tai Chi, Meditation, Yoga, Therapeutic Horticulture, Meditative Art

Thank you to all who participated in the Wellness Event Series!

single woman meditating in a park

Meditative Art

paint pallet, brush, and smudges

This class will showed you how to use art as a conduit for meditation and mindfulness. We started with breathing exercises to relax our minds and bodies. Then we worked with our choice of available art materials to learn accessible ways to utilize art and creativity to become more mindful and relaxed.

Tai Chi and Meditationman practicing Tai Chi in park

An instructor from Body & Brain of Beaverton led a Tai Chi and Meditation experience.
Body & Brain centers offer a form of Tai Chi called DahnMuDo, which means "The Way of Limitless Energy." In this class you'll learn a series of slow, flowing, energy-balancing movements derived from Qigong and the martial arts, based on Tai Chi principles. Tai Chi exercises can also serve as a form of meditation.


woman in meditative yoga pose in park

Active Yoga: We experienced an empowering and dynamic sequence of postures set to an upbeat music playlist and broke a little sweat!

 Adaptive Yoga for Individuals with Special Needs: Folks joined us for a 60 minute accessible yoga class for individuals with special needs. This class was mostly seated and included breathwork, movement, and meditation catered to all abilities. 

Yoga para Hispanohablantes  Esta clase se enfoco en energia corporal que conecta con el mio mismo, nos movimos atentamente con conciencia y curiosidad.

Therapeutic Horticulture


Therapeutic Horticulture is the purposeful use of plants and plant materials by a registered horticultural therapist (HTR), to improve the well-being of the participants. 

We created and took home custom mini-houseplant terrariums!