CIP 5092B - 175th Ave and Kemmer Rd Intersection

175th Ave and Kemmer Road Intersection Improvements MSTIP

Project Description:

This project will include multimodal transportation capacity and safety improvements in the immediate vicinity of the intersection of SW Kemmer Road and SW 175th Avenue. The four-way stop will be replaced with a one-lane roundabout. Other improvements include bicycle and pedestrian facilities, street lighting, storm drain and utility upgrades. These intersecting roadways are Washington County roadways located within unincorporated Washington County. WASHCO will be responsible for project design, acquisition of right of way and construction. City will participate in project design and plan review. 

Project Manager: 

Brion Barnett, 503-526-2592 

Project Status: 


Substantial Completion Date: (TBD) 

CIP 5092B Description