CIP 6095 - Sellwood Subdivision Utility Replace

Sellwood Subdivision Utility Replacements 

Project Description:

Investigate what portions of the existing sanitary sewer, storm drainage and water systems need to be replaced or rehabilitated in the Sellwood Subdivision which is the neighborhood bounded by Allen Blvd, Alger Ave, 11th St and Lee Ave. The section of sanitary pipe between 12th St and the Fanno Creek interceptor may be upsized to 10 inches to accommodate overflows from the Alger Trunk overflow at 12th St that was constructed in 1987. 1,150 feet of existing 6-inch water pipe needs to be replaced on 11th St from Lee Ave to Alger Ave.

Project Manager: 


Project Status: 

  • FY17-18: Complete design and begin construction

Substantial Completion Date: (TBD)

CIP 6095 Description