Downtown Design Project

Map of Urban Design Framework showing major gateways, connectivity and mobility, and character areas

Your Ideas Needed to Rethink Downtown Streets and Development Rules

Ideas about how to make Downtown Beaverton more vibrant through this Story Map:

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With the October 2018 approval of the Urban Design Framework, the Downtown Design Project has moved into Phase Two. Phase Two will have two main plan efforts: Conceptual street designs and new development regulations for downtown.

Conceptual Street Designs: The Urban Design Framework recommends re-imagining streets to put pedestrians and cyclists first, while still accommodating transit, freight and personal vehicles. The Framework further recommends Hall Boulevard, Watson Avenue and 4th Street (known as The Loop) as the main network for cyclists and pedestrians to move throughout Downtown Beaverton.

New Development Rules: The Urban Design Framework identifies different character areas in Downtown that require their own sets of development rules to foster vibrancy. A new section of the Development Code, which regulates land uses and building intensity, as well as design rules, will be created to reflect the strategies in the Urban Design Framework.

Project Description

A vibrant downtown is a top community priority, and the city is taking the next steps to make downtown a livelier, more welcoming destination. As downtown continues to evolve, the city is developing a comprehensive design strategy to guide future development. This strategy, called an urban design framework, will tap into downtown’s existing identity, as well as the community’s aspirations, to reflect local history, community values, and preferences about how downtown should look and feel. The resulting ideas and designs will determine how shops, housing, restaurants, parks and roads work together to add vibrancy and activity to downtown, making it an even more attractive place to visit.

The urban design framework will take shape in winter and spring of 2018, and will rely heavily on community input to influence downtown design. Neighborhood meetings, virtual open houses, web surveys, and a two-day public design workshop will be held to hear directly from community members. 

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Project Goals 

  • Develop the urban design framework for downtown to define districts and gateways, outline building design and placement, identify opportunities for gathering areas and provide connections for pedestrian and bicyclists to connect everything. 
  • Create opportunities for community members to influence downtown design, including the look and feel of the area.
  • Update development rules to ensure the urban design framework can become a reality.
  • Remove development obstacles. 
  • Develop an action plan to identify quick wins and long term efforts to make downtown as exciting and inviting as ever.