Building In Beaverton

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Items to consider during the permit process: location, parking, water, sanitation, etc.

Building in Beaverton takes many shapes. From small residential projects such as a new structure on your property, an updated bathroom, landscape upgrades or new fencing, to large scale multi-family residential projects and commercial projects. Regardless of what you have planned, we are here to help you navigate the city’s requirements and finish your construction or remodeling project as quickly as possible.

Our goal is to provide consistent service to our customers while supporting community aspirations and plans. 

Getting Started

Before you begin, get to know your property and the requirements for your planned project. Do you need Homeowners Association approval in advance? Will your project require a permit? Find out the basics to start your project on the right path and avoid potential delays along the way. Tips on Getting Started...


Most construction and remodeling projects will need approval from the city in the form of an application or permit, sometimes from more than one city department depending on the project. The city is required to ensure projects developed within the city meet local and state rules and regulations. Other outside agencies may also require review and approval as applicable. Locate instructions, permit applications and associated fees required for your project. Apply for permits.

March Forth!

We currently welcome electronic submittal of your applications, plans and documents. Please see the ‘Building in Beaverton Apply’ pages for further information, instructions and options for submitting electronically.

The city will be processing all Planning, Site Development and Building applications and permits electronically as of March 4, 2019.

Construction and Inspection

When you are ready to proceed with construction of your project, you will want to identify major milestones and know what to expect in order to bring your project to completion. Construction Process...

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