Building in Beaverton: Apply for Permits

Apply for Permits

Before you begin construction or make changes to your property, you may need to submit applications for planning, site development, and building permits.

Prior to submitting any applications, please refer to the Getting Started page and feel free to contact the city’s Permit Center to identify development expectations and requirements at 503-526-2493.

Submit Electronically

We currently accepting materials electronically as our NEW and improved way to receive and route your application and permit packages. Submissions must follow the Electronic Document Instructions below so that documents can be accurately assigned and routed for review. If you have questions or feedback, please contact us for assistance.

Electronic Document Instructions - August 2018

When sending applications, permits, plans, or information, please be sure to include the:

Electronic Document Transmittal Form

Select a division link below for more specific information, and access to upload your files. Please note that files must be submitted to the correct division.

Application Intake Meeting 

When you have your application and supporting documents ready to submit, you may contact city staff to schedule an Application Intake Meeting. This meeting is optional, but could be helpful in reducing review timelines, especially on large projects. On occasion, city staff may ask an applicant for an Application Intake Meeting.