Building in Beaverton: Permit STEPS

Application & Permit Steps

The chart below outlines general steps in the city's development review process.

Graphic flowchart showing the Development Review Process from submittal to project close out.

General Steps in a Large Development Project

Once these PLANNING steps are processed 

  • Pre-Application
  • Completeness
  • Facilities Review
  • Conditions of Approval 

Applicants then proceed to SITE DEVELOPMENT and BUILDING 

  • Intake Meeting 
  • Completeness
  • Plan Review
  • Revisions 

In the case of SITE DEVELOPMENT, once Assurances / Bonds are issued, the next steps are:

  • Pre-Construction Meeting
  • Construction 

The BUILDING next steps once SDC Payments are received, are: 

  • Pre-Construction Meeting
  • Construction 

Development Review is then followed by across the board Inspections for PLANNING, SITE DEVELOPMENT and BUILDING. A Maintenance Phase of two years or more is followed by an official Project Close Out once all conditions are met, facilities accepted and plants established.

Application and permit review timelines can vary. Please call Planning, Site Development or Building for estimates on respective timelines for review or to check the status of a project that is already in the review process.