Distracted driving avoidance course

Waiving Distracted Driving Fine

This program will allow the presumptive fine to be waived if you attend the Beaverton Police Department Distracted Driving Course and pay the class fee. Note Oregon law prohibits courts from dismissing distracted driving citations. The citation will NOT be dismissed and a conviction will be on your DMV record even if you participate in this program.


The only eligibility requirement is you have no previous distracted driving convictions and you sign up for the program by the arraignment date and time on your citation.


You must appear at the court clerk’s window to sign up for this class by your arraignment date. You will be assigned a class day and time to attend the Distracted Driver Course presented by the Beaverton Police Department. You have 120 days from the day you sign up for the program to complete the class and pay the class fee at which point the court will waive the presumptive fine on the citation.