Beaverton Community Vision

What is the Community Vision?

The Community Vision is an opportunity for residents to help guide city functions. The Vision identifies the actions that the city will work on over the next decade, and is determined through a community outreach process that includes surveys, focus groups, interviews, and other opportunities for public comment. The last community vision was completed in 2016.

The Visioning Advisory Committee (VAC) is a community-led group that helps give residents a greater say in the visioning process.

Why does the Community Vision Matter?

The Vision is the guiding document for the City. When the City of Beaverton develops a project, budgets for future work, and makes choices regarding the future of the city, the Vision is used as a justification for the City’s choices.

Updates on the 2022 Vision

The Visioning Advisory Committee began planning the 2022 Visioning process in early 2021. The Committee has decided on two major goals for community outreach: maximizing public participation while also ensuring representation from underrepresented communities. 

The 2022 Visioning Process began with a brief in the moment survey to capture community thoughts on topics of interest. Over 600 city residents responded to this initial survey, identifying some key areas of interest. Those topics were housing, transportation, public safety, climate action, economic development, emergency preparedness, land use planning, community building/inclusion, and homelessness. These results will assist in the development of a second survey, focus groups and further community outreach in 2022. 

What has Visioning Accomplished?

The 2016 Beaverton Community Visioning process resulted in 5 key themes to guide City programming, as well as 104 specific projects. We've listed selection of some of the projects competed in recent years as a result of the 2016 Visioning process:

This is just a small selection of the projects completed as a result of the community vision. For a full account of the impact of the community vision, see the links to the Visioning updates listed later on this page.

A Brief History of the Vision

2010 Vision

The City of Beaverton conducted an initial community visioning process in from 2007-2010, with an initial Community Vision being adopted by City Council in 2010. This process resulted in the 5 key themes for the City of Beaverton (Build Community, Enhance Livability, Improve Mobility, Create a Vibrant Downtown, Enhance Public Services).

2016 Action Plan Update

The Beaverton City Council approved a major update to the Beaverton Community Vision Action Plan include topics such as affordable housing and food carts, street maintenance, schools, arts, homelessness, small business support, and more

2022 Visioning Process

The Visioning Advisory Committee began work to update the Community Vision & Action Plan in 2021. A community outreach process will commence in 2022.