2018 Winners

Elementary School:

  • First, "Wall of Shame," by Sara Calderon, third grade, Aloha-Huber Park;
  • runner-up, "Equal Rights for All," Smrithi Chary, second grade, Jacob Wismer.

Poster of yellow bricks with angry words, a pair of hands with Human Rights and fingers with positiv

Middle School:

  • First, "Break the Chains," Elizabeth Koelling, sixth grade, Holy Trinity Catholic School;
  • runner-up, "We Are Malala," Matthew Lei, seventh grade, West Sylvan Middle School.

Poster with ambiguous figure breaking wrist chains surrounded by various religious and gender symbol

High School:

  • First, "Finding the Gray," Julia Hildebrandt, junior, Sunset High School;
  • runner-up, "Sanctuary City Essay," Ellie Younger, junior, Southridge High School.

Black and white poster with outstretched hands releasing a dove of peace.

Award ceremony at Beaverton City Hall Council Chambers