Love Your Bin

Break up with your bad habitsIcon of a broken heart

Being a good recycler isn't always about recycling everything. Sometimes the best thing you can do is leave it out (put it in the trash) or find out (call us). When you recycle correctly, you not only help keep costs down, you also ensure that everyone's recycling is made into new things. 

Learn more about what is allowed in the bin by checking out the Yes List.

Don’t let these bad dates ruin your relationship with recycling, toss them out!

Brown icon of a Plastic Bag with baggy eyesPlastic bags
They're clingy and fall apart at the worst of times. Do your home and work recycling a favor by keeping these tangly messes out of your bin.

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Many grocery stores accept stretchy plastic bags and wrap for recycling. Check with your local store for details. 

Watch this fun video that Baltimore County, Maryland put together about what plastic bags and other tangly items do to a recycling sorting facility

StyrofoamWhite Styrofoam icon with an angry face
Often overprotective, full of air and takes up more space than necessary. Save room for the good stuff in your bin by keeping these squares out. 

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While it's a bad habit to put it in your home or work recycling, it actually can be recycled elsewhere. A company called Agilyx  in Tigard will accept it for free and turn it back into oil. Watch their informative video to learn more about what they do with Styrofoam.  

Blue icon of a Frozen Food Box with big round cute eyesFrozen food boxes 
These always look better in their pictures and can leave you disappointed. Don't freeze up your recycling bin, place these in the trash. 

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While these boxes may look and feel like paper they're actually reinforced with plastic so that they don't fall apart in the damp freezer environment. It's this added plastic that makes them impossible to recycle in our area — place them in the trash. 

Icon of a white Coffee Cup with green circle and huge eyes and mustache

Paper coffee cups
While these may be great for a hot date, their potential for a long-term relationship is nonexistent. Don't be fooled by their dashing good looks — they belong in the garbage. 

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Similar to frozen food boxes, paper coffee cups are reinforced with plastic so that they don't leak. This plastic does a great job of protecting the paper from liquid, but it also makes them not recyclable in our area. Take the next step and remember your reusable mug next time you stop by the coffee shop.

White Take Out Container icon with eyes and a drop of liquid coming out of the cornerTake out containers
Easy to fall for, especially during a busy day. Aside from convenience they have very few redeeming qualities — they belong in the trash. 

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These types of containers can be made from a large variety of different types of plastics. This makes them very difficult to sort properly and recycle.