Cooper Mountain Community Plan

Cooper Mountain Urban Reserve map

Project Updates

State commission to make decision on urban growth boundary expansion

The Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC) will meet on July 26 to review Metro Council’s decision to expand the urban growth boundary, including the Cooper Mountain urban reserve area. The commission will either approve or remand Metro’s decision. Public testimony is limited to Metro, affected local governments (including Beaverton), and the individuals and organizations that filed objections to Metro’s decision. The general public, beyond those parties listed in the previous sentence, will not have an opportunity to testify.

The agenda item is expected to begin at 9:50 a.m. at Hotel Condon, 202 S. Main St., Condon, OR.

The LDCD meeting agenda and a link where you can watch the meeting on the Internet is available at:

Cooper Mountain grant application recommended for approval

On July 25, the Metro Council is scheduled to make a decision on final grant awards for the 2040 Planning and Development Grant program. The City of Beaverton applied for this grant to help fund upcoming planning efforts in Cooper Mountain. If awarded, the grant will provide resources Beaverton needs to complete the Cooper Mountain Community Plan and address key issues such as zoning, transportation, natural resource protection, housing and infrastructure funding. 

The Metro Council meeting begins at 2 p.m. and will be held in the Council Chamber at Metro Regional Center, 600 NE Grand Ave., Portland, OR.

To view upcoming Metro Council meeting agendas, please visit

Beaverton hosts Cooper Mountain property owners and residents

In late June, Beaverton hosted two community listening sessions with property owners and residents of the Cooper Mountain urban reserve. The event was an opportunity for residents to learn about the city’s next steps, ask questions of city and county staff, and provide ideas about what issues should be addressed in the community plan. 

Community members asked questions and shared concerns about traffic congestion, ongoing construction in the area, trees and natural resource areas, annexation to the city, future housing development and commercial uses, and infrastructure provision (such as sewer connections). 

This was the first of many opportunities for community members to share their thoughts and ideas with city staff as the Cooper Mountain Community Plan moves forward. The city is still preparing for the Community Plan project, and this fall will be spent getting ready and hiring a consulting team to assist with the work and public engagement for the project. You should hear more about opportunities to get involved in 2020.

Project Description

The city is starting a multi-year process to develop the Cooper Mountain Community Plan. The plan will establish local goals and policies for the area, and fine-tune the city’s approach to housing variety, transportation, natural resource protection, commercial opportunities and other issues. 


The city will work with a broad range of community members, property owners, developers and other stakeholders in creating the plan. This project will involve technical analyses, community engagement, and other work to develop a community-supported plan. 

The Beaverton City Council must approve all Comprehensive Plan and zone changes.

Project Timeline

Phase 1:
  • Study existing conditions
  • Develop preliminary street and utility plans
  • Research development best practices
  • Conduct market analysis
  • Identify suitable funding tools
Phase 2:
Community Planning
  • Refine vision
  • Consider alternative solutions to address key issues
  • Select preferred alternative(s)
  • Develop infrastructure funding plan
Phase 3: 
  • Develop community plan
  • Draft code and map changes
  • Develop implementation plan
  • Adopt changes

The project is expected to take approximately two to three years. The city is still working on the project scope and will release more detailed timelines in the future. 

The city will likely not act on annexation requests and allow development until after the planning process is complete.

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