Cooper Mountain Community Plan

Join the Cooper Mountain Community Advisory Committee

Committee members will share ideas and provide advice on important issues such as housing affordability, racial equity, natural resource protection and transportation. The committee will help the city determine how to provide new homes, roads, parks and neighborhoods to Cooper Mountain.

The Community Advisory Committee will advise planning staff and the consultant team as we develop alternatives and draft a community plan to bring forward for consideration by the Planning Commission and City Council. The group will meet roughly 10 times throughout the Cooper Mountain Community Plan project, beginning in spring of 2021. Applications are due by January 31, 2021.

  • Meetings will be held virtually to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 until it is safe to meet in person
  • Time commitment: 10 meetings (2 hours each) over the next 18 months. Meeting days and times will be determined by member availability.
  • Stipends ($) available to community members for meeting participation, dinner and childcare.
  • Language interpretation and technology support available by request.
  • Qualifications: Must have connection to Beaverton (live, work, school, worship) and be able to participate in committee meetings.

Community Advisory Committee Application

Recruitment Flyer

Únase al Comité Asesor Comunitario de Cooper Mountain

Los miembros del Comité compartirán ideas y proporcionarán asesoramiento sobre cuestiones importantes como la asequibilidad de la vivienda, equidad racial, protección de recursos naturales y transportación. El Comité ayudará a la ciudad a determinar cómo ofrecer nuevos hogares, calles, parques y vecindarios acogedores para Cooper Mountain.

El Comité Asesor Comunitario aconsejará al personal de planificación y al equipo consultor sobre el desarrollo y la selección de alternativas y sobre la redacción de un plan comunitario para presentar ante la Comisión de Planificación y el Consejo Municipal para que lo consideren. El grupo se reunirá entre 10 veces a lo largo del proyecto del Plan comunitario de Cooper Mountain, a partir de la primavera de 2021. Solicitudes deben ser entregadas antes del 31 de enero de 2021.

  • Las reuniones se realizarán virtualmente para ayudar a reducir la propagación del COVID-19 hasta que sea seguro reunirse en persona.
  • Compromiso de tiempo: 10 reuniones (2 horas cada una) en los próximos 18 meses. Los días y horarios de la reunión serán determinados por la disponibilidad de los miembros.
  • Estipendios ($) disponibles para miembros de la comunidad por participar en la reunión, gastos de cena y cuidado de niños.
  • Servicios de interpretación y apollo de tecnología disponibles si se solicitan.
  • Calificaciones: Tener conexiones en Beaverton (vivir, trabajar, ir a la escuela, ir al centro de oración) y poder asistir a las reuniones.

Solicitud del Comité Asesor Comunitario

Folleto de reclutamiento

Get to Know Cooper Mountain

The Cooper Mountain area includes over 1,200 acres along Beaverton’s southwestern city limits. The City of Beaverton is leading a planning effort to determine how to provide new homes, roads, parks and welcoming neighborhoods to Cooper Mountain.

The city recently completed research to better understand the built and natural systems found within Cooper Mountain. To make sure we got it right, we’re asking for your input on existing conditions documents, including:

  • Existing Conditions Summary
  • Existing Conditions Full Report
  • Share your comments on draft Cooper Mountain documents using our Online Comment Form. A complete list of existing conditions inventories and reports can be found under the Documents tab.


    El área de Cooper Mountain incluye más de 1,200 acres junto a los límites del suroeste de la ciudad de Beaverton. La ciudad de Beaverton está dirigiendo un esfuerzo de planificación para determinar cómo ofrecer nuevos hogares, calles, parques y vecindarios acogedores para Cooper Mountain.

    La ciudad recientemente finalizó la investigación para comprender mejor los sistemas naturales y artificiales que se encuentran dentro de Cooper Mountain. Para asegurarnos de hacerlo bien, le pedimos su opinión sobre los documentos preliminaries, incluyendo:

  • Comparta sus comentarios sobre los documentos preliminares de Cooper Mountain utilizando nuestro Formulario de comentarios en línea. Se puede encontrar una lista complete de inventarios e informes de las condiciones actuales en la pestaña de Documentos.


    Project Description

    The Cooper Mountain Community Plan will establish a long-term vision for the area’s growth and development to support welcoming, walkable neighborhoods that honor the unique landscape and ensure a legacy of natural resource protection and connection. The area is anticipated to provide at least 3,760 homes, including a mix of single-family and multi-family homes. Annexation and development are not expected to occur until after the planning process is complete.

    The plan will be created with the community. Public engagement will intentionally include historically underserved and underrepresented communities to ensure the project incorporates a broad array of ideas and perspectives.

    Working Project Goals

    • Create equitable outcomes for residents, including historically under served and underrepresented communities.
    • Provide new housing in a variety of housing types and for all income levels.
    • Preserve, incorporate, connect, and enhance natural resources.
    • Improve community resilience to climate change and natural hazards.
    • Provide public facilities and infrastructure needed for safe, healthy communities.
    • Provide safe, convenient access to important destinations while supporting transportation options, including walking and biking.
    • Provide opportunities for viable commercial uses, including places to work and places to buy goods and services.
    • Identify feasible, responsible funding strategies to turn the vision into a reality.

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Cooper Mountain is an area recently added to the Metro Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) adjacent to the southwest corner of Beaverton’s city limits. The area, which will eventually be added to Beaverton, is bordered by Grabhorn Road to the west, Tile Flat Road to the south, Kemmer Road and Weir Road to the north, and the existing city limits to the east. The area includes roughly 150 existing residences, agricultural uses and natural areas, as well as Cooper Mountain Nature Park, Winkelman Park, and Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue (TVF&R) Station 69. The Cooper Mountain Community Plan area is made up of 179 properties totaling 1,232 acres.


The City of Beaverton will plan this new community with guidance from public engagement and in coordination with regional partners and concurrent planning efforts, such as the Cooper Mountain Utility Plan. The Community Plan will build on past efforts, including: 

Project Timeline

The Cooper Mountain Community Plan is expected to take three years to complete. The city is committed to engaging the public on the Community Plan. The project will use a range of outreach activities to be accessible to a broad audience. 

There are four key phases of the project illustrated in the timeline. The initial research and analysis conducted as part of Phase 1 began in March 2020.


  • Concept Plan & Community Plan 2013 - 2015
    • Plan Development
  • Phase 1 Research & Analysis March 2020
    • Stakeholder interviews and listening sessions
  • Phase 2 Community Planning early 2021 - July 2022
    • Public Workshops
    • Online Open House
  • Phase 3 Hearings & Action August 2022
    • Public Hearings
  • Phase 4 Implementation 2024 - 2025

The Community Plan project is expected to take three years to complete. The city will likely not act on annexation requests and allow development until after the process is complete.