Metro Regional Affordable Housing Bond

Creating Affordable Housing Options in Beaverton

Cardboard sign "Everyone Should Have a Home," propped against a youngster’s feet.

Draft LIS (Local Implementation Strategy) Review

Council Review Second Draft for Feedback, July 9, 2019.

Send feedback, comments and questions to or call 503-526-3739.

Feedback Sessions (April-June 2019)

If you are interested in hosting a feedback session about the Metro Affordable Housing Bond with your community organization contact Emily Van Vleet at or 503-526-3739. 


  • Beaverton City Council Approval in July 2019
  • Metro Council Approval in August 2019

Projects (coming soon)

Metro - Affordable homes for greater Portland

In November 2018, Metro voters approved a $652.8 million bond—$31 million of which will be allocated for City of Beaverton projects. In accordance with the bond conditions, the city is developing a plan to outline how these funds will be used to create safe, affordable housing options in our community.

Icon of home with helping hands all aroundLocal Implementation Strategy (LIS) Outreach:

Listening Sessions, February–April 2019 (Local Community Organizations) 

Feedback Sessions, May-June 2019

Picture of the Beaverton Housing Forumn 2016
picture of small group in discussion about housing forum topics