Metro Regional Affordable Housing Bond

Creating Affordable Housing Options in Beaverton


LIS (Local Implementation Strategy) is approved!

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Projects (check back regularly for updates)

The Mary Ann

The Mary Ann, the first selected project following the approval of the Metro Affordable Housing Bond, was approved by the Beaverton Planning Commission, City Council, and Metro last year. The project broke ground in June 2020. 

South Cooper Mountain Project - Wishcamper Development Partners selected!

This is the first bid project in Beaverton to go through a competitive bidding process. The recommendation was reviewed by a variety of stakeholders including an ad-hoc review committee who provided the recommendation, the Housing Technical Advisory Group, an internal Real Estate Committee, the Beaverton City Council, and finally the project was approved by Metro.

The selected project developed by Wishcamper Development Partners allocates $9 million in Metro Bond funding for the creation of 164 units in the South Cooper Mountain Neighborhood. This project will be the first affordable housing development in this neighborhood. One building in the proposal will focus on housing low income senior community members, while the other building will be designed to house families leveraging nearby schools. To learn more about the selected proposal, click here.

Project C

Staff attended a Beaverton City Council meeting work session on October 6, 2020 to discuss options for "Project C," which has been tentatively identified as being located at the current Beaverton Community Center.

To learn more about the project, view the FAQ here (last updated 10/21/2020).

Project Specific Community Engagement

Project specific outreach and community engagement will be completed for each of the four anticipated affordable housing development. Community engagement will include input from an ad hoc review committee for each project, the Housing Technical Advisory Group, and culturally specific community engagement and outreach with a variety of other groups utilizing a partnership with Unite Oregon.

For more information from Metro:

Metro - Affordable homes for greater Portland

In November 2018, Metro voters approved a $652.8 million bond—$31 million of which will be allocated for City of Beaverton projects. In accordance with the bond conditions, the city is developing a plan to outline how these funds will be used to create safe, affordable housing options in our community.

Icon of home with helping hands all aroundLocal Implementation Strategy (LIS) Outreach:

Listening Sessions, February–April 2019 (Local Community Organizations) 

Feedback Sessions, May-June 2019

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