Beaverton Night Market Bazaar

Come and shop with us on weekends this winter! Discover arts, crafts and other retail merchandise from nearly 30 Beaverton Night Market vendors.

Beaverton Winter Night Market, Nov 30-Dec 22, Fri 4-10 pm, Sat-Sun 2-10 pm, 4500 SW Watson Ave.


The Beaverton Night Market Bazaar is a temporary winter-time indoor art / craft / merchandise retail store featuring goods made and procured by emerging ethnic craft vendors to showcase their work and share their cultural traditions.

Event Schedule

In addition to handmade and unique arts & crafts, the Beaverton Night Market Bazaar will feature programming that fosters a space for cross-cultural exchange and interaction such as music, storytelling, craft-making and children’s programming.

Check back soon for a schedule of activities at the Bazaar!


  • Provide a meaningful continuation opportunity for Beaverton Night Market vendors to sell their products.
  • Foster a space for cross-cultural exchange and interaction.
  • Provide a unique winter shopping destination in Old Town and support nearby businesses
  • Activate an important, vacant building in Old Town.

This pop-up bazaar will build upon the success of the Beaverton Night Market, a project of the city’s Diversity Advisory Board. The concept is an original action item from the “Economic Opportunity” section of the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Plan and has since been adopted into the Beaverton Community Vision. The first Beaverton Night Market debuted in September 2015 as a part of the city’s Welcoming Week, and later grew to two larger summer events which attract around 14,000 people each year.