Urban Forestry Maintenance Objective

The Maintenance Objective

The Urban Forestry Department maintains trees along certain major arterials, minor arterials and major collector streets by pruning the trees to provide a minimum of 14 feet of clearance over the street and 8 feet of clearance over the sidewalk. In addition, the City of Beaverton trims street trees along these rights-of-way to provide visibility for signs and signals.

The Urban Forestry Department also trims trees to a height of 12 feet over the road and 8 feet over sidewalks on non-arterial rights-of-way in the event homeowners or business owners are unable to perform the code clearance maintenance. The Urban Forestry Department may go beyond the required maintenance areas to clear rights-of way for visibility and ease of pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

A tree trimming schedule is available stating times the Urban Forestry department will be in certain areas to check the trees for being out of compliance and clear them to the city’s standards.