Beaverton Water

Providing safe and reliable drinking water

Beaverton is committed to providing safe, quality and reliable water to our customers. Your water travels about 20 miles by pipeline to the city’s storage reservoirs and then through a vast underground network of pipes to our homes, businesses, schools, parks and other community assets. Our water distribution system never stops, ensuring that you receive quality drinking water when and where you need it. 

The city currently provides water to approximately 73% of Beaverton residents. Remaining residents are supplied water by Tualatin Valley Water District (TVWD), Raleigh Water District, or the West Slope Water District.

Transition of Tualatin Valley Water District Customers 

Water service is transferring for approximately 4,100 Tualatin Valley Water District customers to the City of Beaverton. Read more about the transition

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From Source to Tap, Where Our Water Comes From

In Beaverton, our primary source of drinking water is surface water from the upper Tualatin River that is provided via the Joint Water Commission (JWC) water treatment plant.

2019 Water Quality Report

Each year, we collect and analyze thousands of water samples to ensure the city’s drinking water makes the grade. We’re proud that Beaverton’s water meets or exceeds all State of Oregon and federal Safe Drinking Water Act standards.

Check which CCR is yours

The Water Quality Report is also known as the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), and the two terms, CCR and Drinking Water Quality Report are used interchangeably to identify the same document.

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