Open Air Beaverton Private Lot Requirements

Expanding Business Into Private Lots

Group seated at table under pavilion and being attended to by server wearing a mask.Eating/drinking establishments, recreational (gyms, yoga studios), personal services and retail businesses may temporarily expand into private parking lots, without a permit, if they follow the requirements below. This is allowed city-wide. The addition of temporary weather apparatus such as canopies and heaters will require a permit: Regulations for canopies, tents and heaters on private lots. See OAB Winter FAQs at the bottom of this page.

No permit is required from the city as long as all of the following requirements are met:

  1. The business has permission to occupy the expansion area from the owner or landlord.
  2. The expansion area is immediately adjacent to the parent business.
  3. All State of Oregon Phased reopening requirements are met.
  4. The expansion area does not include any Americans with Disability Act (ADA) parking spaces or travel pathways.
  5. The expansion area does not include any drive aisles or fire lanes.
  6. The expansion area can be utilized without removing any landscaping.
  7. The business must maintain 10 feet of clearance from any fire hydrants.

If a business wants to expand into a private parking lot but cannot meet these requirements, please contact the Program Manager.

Program Manager & Contact

Sara King, Program Manager
Phone: 503-526-5233

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