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Mayor Lacey Beaty.

Request for Mayor Ceremonial Documents & Event Attendance

The Mayor is always pleased to learn about the accomplishments, contributions, and lives of Beaverton residents and community members. From time to time, the Mayor will recognize extraordinary Beaverton residents and community members through letters, certificates, and proclamations. Instructions for requesting these forms of recognition and for inviting the Mayor to an event are below.

All requests for letters, certificates, proclamations, and events should be made by community members in the City of Beaverton, organizations or businesses physically located in Beaverton, or organizations whose primary mission is to provide some service to Beaverton residents. Requests are typically expected at least 30 days in advance. The Office of the Mayor reserves the right to decline or modify requests and make exceptions to any of the following guidelines.


If you would like to invite the Mayor to an event, please submit a formal request by using this form. Please be aware that the Mayor’s schedule fills up quickly, so please submit your request well in advance of the event. The Mayor may be forced to decline invitations received less than 30 days prior to an event due to scheduling challenges.

Invite the Mayor to an Event


A letter from the Mayor serves to commemorate a special occasion or convey gratitude on behalf of the City of Beaverton. The Mayor will issue letters for the purpose of:

  • Welcoming an individual or group to the City of Beaverton
  • Congratulating an individual, group, or organization for a significant achievement
  • Thanking an individual or group for service or a gift to the City of Beaverton

Request a Letter from the Mayor


The Mayor issues special certificates of commendation, recognition, and achievement. Occasions for which certificates may be issued include, but are not limited to:

  • Exemplary service or significant contributions by an organization, business, or individual to the City of Beaverton
  • Notable achievement by a Beaverton resident
  • Retirement from the military, police, or fire department
  • Other achievements or events of significance

Request a Certificate from the Mayor


Proclamations are documents that declare a day, week, or month in honor of a cause, individual, or occasion significant to the City of Beaverton and its residents. All proclamation requests must be relevant to a broad group of Beaverton residents. Proclamations may not be used in any advertisement or promotion without written approval from the Office of the Mayor. Reasons to request a proclamation include:

  • A significant date or anniversary relating to the City of Beaverton
  • Significant historical commemorations
  • To highlight an issue that has citywide public interest
  • Recognizing a national or state non-profit event that coincides with a local event (for example, Breast Cancer Awareness month)
  • Recognizing a person or group of persons who have had a significant positive impact on the City of Beaverton

Proclamation Request

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