Be Heard Timeline

Inquiry Sessions
Human Rights Advisory Commission and Beaverton Police Department
July - December 2020

*Topics subject to change

July 2020


Relationship Building
Set agreements and recognize past efforts
 Watch the July 1 meeting

August 2020


Data Transparency
Review communications and data access policies
 Watch the August 5 meeting

September 2020


Community Outreach
Current feedback and dialog methods
 Watch the September 2 meeting

October 2020


Use of Force Policy *
Existing models and possible reform

November 2020


Community Oversight *
Explore potential use of community review process

December 2020


Review and Next Steps *
Commission finalizes recommendations and plans

Council Work Sessions
Policing Policies
July - August 2020

July 2020


School Resource Officers
Background and current use
 Watch the July 28 work session

August 2020


Hiring and Training
Current standards and techniques
 Watch the August 4 work session

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Progress Report on Public Safety
(adopted October 2019)
August - October 2020
Understanding Experiences of BIPOC Members of Beaverton
August - October 2020

August - September 20


Guided Learning
Group meetings with consultant to identify interest, barriers

September - October 2020


Community Conversations
Series of in-depth discussions led by outside race equity consultant 

Council Work Session
October - November 2020

October 2020


Report on Findings to Council for next steps

Next Steps and Policy Review
Council determines actionable steps to address community concerns
November - December 2020

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