Beaverton Downtown Loop Project

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Spanish translation of the page: Proyecto de Circuito del Centro de Beaverton


The Loop is a key initiative to enhance walking, biking and transit on SW Hall Boulevard and SW Watson Avenue in downtown Beaverton. It seeks to establish a strong connection between Old Town and Beaverton Central by reimagining how the streets and sidewalks are used and how they look.

It will link significant cultural, economic and civic destinations in a manner welcoming to a diversity of residents, employees and visitors. These will include the under-construction Patricia Reser Center for the Arts, restaurants and services in historic Old Town, Beaverton City Park, the Beaverton Farmer’s Market and the Beaverton City Library.

Current Conditions

People walking and biking along The Loop route currently face challenges. These include difficult and inconsistent roadway and sidewalk conditions, thousands of fast-moving cars and trucks every day, and the significant impediment of crossing SW Canyon Road (OR 8), the Union Pacific railroad tracks and SW Farmington Road (OR 10).

The Loop involves key city and regional connections that carry high volumes of motor vehicles. SW Watson Avenue and SW Hall Boulevard serve as the main north/south arterial through downtown. Each street carries approximately 10,000 vehicles per day (pre-pandemic counts). SW Canyon Road (OR 8) carries 31,000 vehicles per day and SW Farmington Road (OR 10) carries 37,000 vehicles per day.

Transit facilities and services are well located and frequent. TriMet serves Downtown Beaverton with 11 bus lines stopping at the Beaverton Transit Center, as well other stops across the Downtown area. Frequent-service bus route 76 runs along SW Hall Boulevard. The MAX Blue Line and the MAX Red Line, as well as the WES commuter rail, stop at the Beaverton Transit Center. The MAX Blue Line also stops at the Beaverton Central station.

Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

The Beaverton Downtown Loop Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is charged with providing local knowledge and community expertise to the City of Beaverton, as they analyze conditions and test alternatives for the Loop design and transportation improvements.

For more information, please visit the Beaverton Downtown Loop Community Advisory Committee (CAC) webpage or click the CAC link in the menu on the left-hand side of this page.

Map of Urban Loop covering SW Crescent St, Hall Blvd, 5th St and Watson Ave.