ULI Technical Assistance Panel

In 2016, the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Northwest collaborated with the City of Beaverton on a study of downtown Beaverton. ULI’s Technical Assistance Panel brought planning, real estate and economic development experts to study how to create a connected downtown. Their recommendations included:

  • Prioritize investment and place-making in Old Town and Broadway
  • Improve connectivity and communication
  • Re-craft development process

This collaboration identified the Downtown Loop Project as a key tangible way to follow through with these recommendations, especially those related with connectivity and place making. See the report documenting the panel’s recommendations.

Downtown Design Project

The Downtown Design Project (DDP) is a plan to transform Downtown Beaverton into the social, economic, and cultural heart of Beaverton. Transformation will occur with guidance from the plan’s adopted Urban Design Framework, development regulations, and implementation actions. See the City Council approved Urban Design Framework (Fall 2018).

The Urban Design Framework articulates the plan’s vision for a “Vibrant Downtown” and provides a high-level organizing structure. The framework has three pillars:

  • Gateways - reinforce points of arrival and departure to and from Downtown;
  • Connectivity & Mobility – establish strong connections north/south and east/west; and
  • Character Areas - define Downtown’s centers of activity.

The Loop is proposed as the central feature of the Urban Design Framework, providing connectivity and navigability throughout downtown. Emphasizing SW Hall Boulevard and SW Watson Avenue as multi-modal connectors, by adding improvements such as wider sidewalks and bike facilities, will create a safer environment more conducive to walking and biking between downtown destinations. Incorporating art, landscaping, or other streetscape elements will begin to stitch together different areas of downtown that convey to people that spend time here that this is a special, vibrant area that is inviting to spend time walking around.