Downtown Loop Urban Design and Transportation Plan

Project Team and Tasks

Spanish translation of the page: Plan de Diseño Urbano Y Transporte del Circuito del Centro

A team of landscape architects, urban designers, planners and engineers in developing a concept plan and engaging the community in the planning process. The plan will identify roadway and sidewalk changes to establish a district identity, prioritize safety for people walking, biking and taking transit, and support the growing residential and business community. Possible changes could involve wider sidewalks, bike lanes, pedestrian crossing treatments, traffic signal modifications, landscaping, and public art. In 2022, we expect to present the plan and an implementation strategy to City Council for adoption. Design and construction of the changes would happen after plan adoption and once funding is secured.

Key tasks include:

  1. Project Initiation: Assemble project committees, identify key stakeholders, and finalize the community engagement plan.
  2. Inventory and Analysis: Review relevant City policies and plans, inventory existing roadway conditions, and analyze the corridor to identify project opportunities and constraints.
  3. Project Vision, Goals and Objectives: Conduct community engagement to identify community needs and priorities, and develop The Loop’s vision, goals and objectives.
  4. Design Alternatives Development, Refinement and Plan Adoption: Develop preliminary design alternatives, conduct technical analysis, gather feedback on the concepts, and refine the design to identify a preferred design alternative. Present the plan to City Council for adoption.