Mayor and City Council Priorities


Mayor Denny Doyle and the Beaverton City Council held their annual retreat in January 2017. They identified eight top priorities for the city for 2017. City staff will provide quarterly updates to the Mayor and City Council on the top eight priorities.

2017 Top Priorities

Housing icon


  • Continue to pursue affordable housing solutions for seniors and low-income residents.  
  • Implement a rental housing inspection program.
  • Create a rich development tool box for low-income housing.
Transportation icon


  • Complete the City's Active Transportation Plan.
  • Continue funding sidewalk improvement projects.
  • Maintain a focus on pedestrians, including augmented standards for pedestrian-friendly facilities.
Equity icon


  • Continue progress with the city’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan.
  • Expand more events and activities in our neighborhoods.
Safety icon


  • Continue to define our Emergency Master Plan for ongoing disaster preparedness.
  • Examine opportunities to expand to a year-round severe weather shelter.


  • Establish policies for managing city-owned rental properties
  • Bring more redevelopment to our downtown.