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COVID-19 Notice: The City is suspending in-person attendance by the public for boards and commission meetings to better protect the health and safety of the community. Per Oregon Law all virtual meetings will be recorded and archived by the City.

Beaverton Urban Redevelopment Agency Board

The Beaverton Urban Redevelopment Agency (BURA) Board is responsible for developing and implementing the voter approved Central Beaverton Urban Renewal Plan. The BURA Board is comprised of nine members, including the Mayor of Beaverton, all five City Council members, and three members of the community at large.

BURA Members

  • Lacey Beaty, Mayor
  • Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg, City Councilor (Position 1)
  • Laura Mitchell, City Councilor (Position 2)
  • City Councilor (Position 3) - Vacant
  • Allison Tivnon, City Councilor (Position 4)
  • Marc San Soucie, City Councilor (Position 5)
  • Nadia Hasan, City Councilor (Position 6)
  • Roy Kim, Community Member
  • Cassandra Ulven, TVF&R
  • Inessa Vitko, Community Member
  • Sarah Walton, Community Member

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available before meetings. Minutes are also available after approval.

BURA Board Bylaws

Urban Renewal Advisory Committee (URAC)

As part of the process for refining and implementing the urban renewal plan, BURA relies upon the thirteen member Urban Renewal Advisory Committee (URAC) to provide advice and recommendations on plan refinement and implementation. The URAC is the key community advisory group that considers such things, as refining the projects and programs within the geographic boundaries of the plan, the priority of projects for the plan, and recommendations for how to encourage public involvement during plan implementation.

URAC Annual Meeting

picture of URAC Members sitting around the table in conference room

URAC Members

  • Rebecca Cambreleng, Beaverton Central
  • Andrew Ehlen, Vose
  • Devon Baker, West Beaverton
  • Erik Lehr, Five Oaks/Triple Creek
  • Jennifer Nye, Planning Commission
  • Jerome Yoman, Beaverton Central
  • Joshua Carrillo, Central Beaverton
  • Nathan Perley, Denny Whitford/Raleigh West
  • Oswaldo Bernal, South Beaverton
  • Paige Lerwick, Vose
  • Paula Cottrell, Beaverton Central
  • Scott Winter, Planning Commission

Next URAC Meeting, Monday, February 7, 2022. Virtual Meeting

Please see Most Recent Meeting Materials (January 3) for a link or phone number to attend the virtual meeting. The link will be updated in the week leading up to the next meeting. If you have questions or difficulties attending, please contact or 503-707-4553.

Agendas & Minutes

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Minutes are also available following approval. View All

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URAC Bylaws

Urban Renewal Advisory Committee Bylaws

BURA Budget Committee

The BURA Budget Committee is comprised of members from the BURA Board and eleven members of the community at large.

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BURA Budget Committee Members

  • Allison Tivnon
  • Ann Snyder
  • Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg
  • Cassandra Ulven
  • Charles Flor
  • Dave Szatmary
  • Erik Lehr
  • Inessa Vitko
  • Jordan Fry
  • Kyle Stack
  • Lacey Beaty
  • Laura Mitchell
  • Mandeep Bawa
  • Marc San Soucie
  • Michael Jude Hughes
  • Nadia Hasan
  • Paul Cohen
  • Rhonda Reister
  • Rick Skayhan
  • Roy Kim
  • Sarah Walton
  • Sonya Judd

Next BURA Budget Committee Meeting: TBD 2022

Information to attend the meeting to be provided in the weeks leading up to it.

Agendas & Minutes

New documents to be posted in months leading up to the next BURA Budget Committee Meeting.

Meeting Documents:
Meeting Notice | Agenda | Meeting Packet | Budget Amendment

Post Meeting:
UR-1 Form | Executive Director’s Presentation Slides

Previous Agendas are available: View All

Previous Minutes are available: View All

Budget Meeting Recordings

Official Rules of the BURA Budget and Budget Committee