Councilor: Position 4

Cate Arnold  

Cate Arnold joined the City Council on January 3, 2005. Over her years on the Council, she has always advocated for involving our residents in the decisions we make. She voted for the creation of our Diversity Advisory Board and Visioning Advisory Committee and is working with community members to share stories about what our local government really does. There are many important decisions to be made in the next few years. Past decisions have helped us to be consistently one of the safest cities in the Northwest and a popular place to live. Future decisions will affect our economic and environmental prosperity. She will continue to support open, thoughtful, information-oriented processes to keep our city strong and our citizens informed.

Councilor Arnold’s personal oath of office (PDF) 

Cate's Story:

1958-1981: Cathy

Laptop cover sticker with NASA logo and phrase "Give Me Space."

I grew up mostly in Houston, Texas during the Space Race. Everyone called me Cathy. Over the years, my dad worked on the Apollo, Viking, and Shuttle programs. We were part of the NASA community that landed the first astronauts on the moon. I grew up reading Science Fiction, expecting that my generation’s most valuable contributions would be to perfect humanoid robots and to figure out sustainable ecosystems not only for life here but to someday take to other planets. I interned at NASA during college. Watching the first Shuttle flight after working on that program was one of my proudest moments. Seeing all the people it took to build a successful space program taught me the power of a focused community.

1982-2012: Catherine


I started my career using the name Catherine, which symbolized being an adult. My husband and I had our first son in 1989. Three years later, we had a daughter. In 1995, we adopted our youngest son from South Korea. We named him after my dad and kept his birth name as well. James Joseph Byunghoon Arnold. Poor kid, his middle names never fit in the space provided.

1992 – 2004: Stay-at-home mom. A more accurate description would have been a stay-in-the-minivan-and-public-buildings mom. I volunteered in schools, local government, at my church- Spirit of Grace at Mission of Atonement, and nonprofits – over 30 different organizations. Some of my favorites were Girl Scout Troop Leader and Camp Director, Art Literacy teacher, officer for the Beaverton Committee for Community Involvement (BCCI), Small Claims Court mediator, and Leadership Beaverton Class Project Coordinator (we built the first Habitat for Humanity home in Beaverton, another of my proudest moments).

1995: I started volunteering with various local government organizations. During the next 10 years, I learned what our local governments really do and realized that having active community members involved in them makes all the difference for good governance.

2005: Elected to the Beaverton City Council. Serving on the Council is interesting, difficult, and rewarding. What I enjoy most is working with our boards and commissions and talking with people about city matters. In our city, most of our tax dollars are spent on things like police, water, sewer and roads. The City Council’s role it to set city policies, making high level decisions on how land is developed, what programs to fund, and other goals that influence our future, often framed by our city’s Community Vision Plan.

2009: Diagnosed with breast cancer. Facing this serious illness and the possibility of dying changed my world view.

2013–present: Cate

Cate Arnold

In my 4th year as a breast cancer survivor, I realized I was in a new phase of life. I now go by Cate as a reminder. This is the letting go side of life when our bodies start to fail, when parents and colleagues pass away, when we start thinking about what we’re leaving behind. My primary goal as a City Councilor is to support programs that increase our city’s health and vitality. I am now working on becoming a wise old woman (WOW). I ask myself constantly, what good can come from this moment? What should I focus on for the wellbeing of our community? What am I leaving for our kids and their children? As we look to the future, I will continue to advocate for a community that is welcoming to all, that is a good place to do business that focuses on sustainability and resiliency. I am honored to serve Beaverton and to champion our Community Vision for a city where people of all ages work, live and play and proudly call home.

City of Beaverton Boards & Commissions

A Few of My Community Volunteer Activities

  • Beaverton Chamber of Commerce—Leadership Beaverton Program Volunteer 1999 – present
  • Beaverton Loaves and Fishes—Meals on Wheels driver 2000 - present
  • Art Literacy Teacher (10 years)
  • Columbia River Girl Scouts Troop leader and Camp Director (9 years)
  • Beaverton Committee For Community Involvement (10 years)
  • Multnomah County Small Claims Court— Mediator for 3 years
  • Beaverton Dispute Resolution Center - Mediator for 4 years
  • Beaverton Social Service Funding Committee (2 years)
  • Metro Technical Advisory Committee (2 years)

College Education

  • Masters of Science in Finance, summa cum laude, Texas A & M 1982
  • Bachelors of Science in Economics, magna cum laude, Texas A & M 1980


  • Family—husband of 28 years, Randy, children—Michael, Mary, and James Joseph
  • Resident of Beaverton since 1992, Washington County since 1985